Your Burning Questions About the 2021 Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, Answered

To start, the horn is surprisingly loud. Then again, you need to hear it coming.

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Don't you worry, I'm not about to forget all the wonderful questions you guys asked about the 2021 Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport. We published our full review yesterday, but it's now time to turn my attention to you, my lovely readers.

I'm not unaware of the fact that most people reading this aren't in the market for a $3.6 million car. (Who is, truly?) So in answering your questions, I was happy so many of you wanted to know ordinary things about it. It's still a car, after all, and should be expected to do basic car things as well. Right off the bat: No, the Chiron Pur Sport has no cupholder. Sorry.

Kristen Lee

But as for how it sounds, what it really looks like inside, how its horn sounds, what sort of noises its switchgear makes, I've got you covered. Just a reminder, you can ask us anything—seriously, anything—about the cars we're reviewing in these announcement posts, and we'll be regularly highlighting the best questions to answer publicly so we can all learn together. Car reviews can't cover everything—sometimes you need to know specifically how the horn sounds on a $4 million hypercar. Read on!

Q: "Does it drive like the fastest, sharpest, Continental GT on the planet?" — occopuyo

I thought this would be the case, but no. It feels way better assembled than everything else I've ever driven. The steering alone is incredible. And it's very clear you're driving around in something with a monocoque chassis. It'd be unfair to call it "just another Volkswagen."

Q: "Does it still feel 'special' in day to day, regular road use? Or is the only place to fully recognize the $4 million price tag the track? Or valet stand?" — slow_to_go

Even in traffic it feels special. The way it mitigates bumps and how all 1,479 horsepower is always on tap are constant reminders.

Q: "Does it make you just as anxious to drive and it does to park it where it won't get a scratch?" — mattyhaddy

Yes, absolutely. I already had trouble seeing out of it. Then you add in how wide it is and how big the wheels are—I'm glad I didn't have to park it anywhere.

Q: "I also want a catalogue of every parts bin switch, knob, and button on the whole car so I can go to a VW dealership, touch it with my eyes closed, and pretend I went into auto journalism like I should have a decade ago, since Kristen and I are the same age." — TheDoctor7x

I don't think it's ever too late to get into car journalism, but that's a conversation for another time. I grabbed this video of some of the car's switchgear, I hope it accurately conveys how they are to the touch.

Q: "How is the interior noise and comfort. I remember seeing a video of a Veyron and being really surprised how loud it was inside. Did they improve this? Could you actually drive it for more than a few hours at a time?" — Fun is greater than Fast

It is indeed loud inside, mostly on account that the engine is right behind your head. That being said, you totally get used to it and can learn to relax in it. The seats weren't bad! Here's the awesome noise the turbos make.

Q: "What's it like to take it through a Krispy Kreme drive through? Or any drive through for that matter? Too low for the window? How did folks around you respond?" — Lou Schmidt

This was literally the first thing I asked to do and I was told no. However, the car's handler said it fits in all the drive-throughs they've taken it through.

Q: "We all know what the exhaust note sounds like but what does the horn on a 4M beast sound like?" — Wopper

Like this!​​​

Q: "I honestly want to know if it's cramped inside." — Jeb Hoge

Nope! There minimalist dashboard and console reduces visual clutter and the Sky View optional glass roof lets in a ton of light. 

The front trunk on the other hand...

Q: "Do you have a picture of the dealer installed options sticker?" — DDHarriman

Yes! Feast your eyes, my friends.


Q: "Could we have a look at the instrument cluster? I'm a sucker for nice gauges." — Robert Hill

Also yes!

Kristen Lee

Q: "I would like to know how many miles a year is one of these cars is expended to do." — AFondoConFe

It varies, but my Bugatti chaperone Butch Leitzinger said he knows of one client who put 8,000 miles on theirs in a year.

Q: "What else does this thing bring to the table?  Does it push the evolution of future cars moving forward like the iconic supercars of past or is this just a status symbol." — I collect broken things

So glad you asked this! It's actually how I wrapped up my review.

Essentially, I do believe this is the peak of internal combustion engine technology. People buy it as a status symbol because of its price, but it's priced that way largely because of the way it's made and what it can accomplish. There's no future in it, though. Not with the way things are steadily marching toward electrification. After the Chiron goes, I don't think anything like it will follow.

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