Victoria Scott

Victoria Scott


Victoria Scott is a former staff writer for The Drive. She began in the automotive industry as a freelancer in early 2021, fresh out of a programming job at NASA Mission Control, before joining The Drive as a full-time writer. She currently lives in Idaho.


  • Interests include classic JDM obscurities, drifting, scale model building, and overlanding.
  • Specifically interested in the history and culture of the cars that built enthusiasm and automotive joy, and photographing them artfully.
  • Previous bylines at Slashgear, Jalopnik, Motor1, AutomotiveMap, Hemmings, and Car Bibles.


Victoria has been an automotive enthusiast since the age of two, and has experience in off-road competition driving, autocross, track driving, and drift competitions; in addition, she is a professional photographer. Her proudest feature series has been The Vanscontinental Express, written for The Drive in 2021, chronicling her adventures driving through the West in a JDM Toyota van as she rediscovered herself after she began her gender transition.


Victoria has a Bachelor of Science from Kent State University in Computer Science and was homeschooled previously.

Fun Fact

While her garage is varied and ever-changing, Victoria’s favorite vehicle will forever be her 1995 Toyota Hiace 3.0 Turbodiesel Super Custom. With factory-equipped curtains, a 2” lift, and the world’s most dependable diesel heart, her van (christened “Marsha”) is where her heart is.


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