Valtteri Bottas Posed Nude 12 Times So You Could Have This Hilarious Calendar

At least 12. You figure there must have been some outtakes.

byJerry Perez|
F1 photo
Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Alfa Romeo Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas hasn't seen much action on the track lately, with the former Sauber squad not being able to fight for midfield positions as much as they'd hoped in 2023. One area that has seen considerably more excitement this year is his personal life, however. Not only has Bottas been vacationing with his girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell between most races, but he's also launched a hilarious side project. It's called "BOTTASS 2024" and it's the perfect gift for the F1 fan in your life this holiday season.

The calendar launched last week and is for sale here for $23 plus shipping. Even better, $6 from every purchase will reportedly go to a prostate cancer research charity, according to Bottas.

"Since the launch, which was a couple of days [ago], it’s about €50,000 we’ve raised and counting," Bottas told RaceFans. “The aim is to get €100,000 for charity, and it’s mainly for prostate cancer research. So I think it’s for a good cause.

"'Movember' is focusing on prostate cancer quite a lot," said Bottas, speaking of the global men's health fundraising initiative. "I know some people who’ve had close people to them who’ve had issues with that kind of thing."

According to RaceFans, the calendar has sold so well that the former Mercedes F1 driver had to order more than the initial shipment of 10,000 units. Also, it appears that Mama Bottas originally had some awkward questions for her son, but everything was cleared up when he let her know it was to raise awareness and benefit charity.

Whether you consider a cheeky, bum-centric calendar named BOT-ASS a gag gift or expressive art, it totally deserves a place in your loved one's stocking this year.

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