The Bugatti Bolide’s Interior Is a Track Day Paradise Draped in Blue

It’s equal parts luxury and pain.

byNico DeMattia|

Among the usual supercar suspects—Ferrari, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Porsche—there's one thing that Bugatti does better than them all: luxurious bat-shittery. When the Franco-German hypercar brand began discussing the Bugatti Bolide a couple of years ago, it was pretty mum on the details. The only info provided was the car's power and weight. Now, though, Bugatti has revealed the interior of the new Bolide, and it's as delightfully absurd as you might expect.

Unlike the Bugatti Chiron's gorgeous leather-lined cabin, the Bolide's is stripped-down and bare. The seats, if you can call them that, are just carbon-fiber-backed pads that are attached directly to the carbon-fiber monocoque. That's not entirely unusual in the world of track-only hypercars but, in typical Bugatti-fashion, those pads are trimmed in lovely blue and black Alcantara. Unlike other automakers with similarly spartan track cars, Bolide customers can also choose to fit those pads with different materials, such as Nappa leather, and can select different finishing touches, like diamond-quilting or laser perforations. Those seating pads are also custom-configured to the customer's body, so they fit perfectly inside.

Driving the Bolide won't be comfy, given its spartan interior and track-focused ride. But Bugatti isn't going to let its customers lap tracks without at least some style. So, here we have a combination of luxury and pain.

The steering wheel is a piece of modern art. With its motorsport-inspired bowtie shape, carved-out thumb notches, and gorgeous suede and metalwork, it looks like something I'd want hanging on my wall. Since the wheel is removable, as with most racing wheels, I think I'd take it with me wherever I went.

Such an interior is fitting for a Bugatti with 1,578 horsepower and a dry weight of just under 3,200 pounds. The Bolide is an exercise in extremes and its interior fits the bill, as it not only takes lightweight engineering to the extreme, but does so with more luxury and beauty than anyone else in the game.

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