The Benefits Of Protecting Our Community

104 Helping in the CommunityAs part of the community, we have certain responsibilities and obligations to our surroundings. We need to take part in beautifying it, resolving concerns, child protection issues, family welfare among others. They are factors in which we build in the community and there are ways and means in protecting our community in these trying times. Often we regret that we belong in a community which we don’t want to take part of, may be because we are often too busy with other things and we may sometimes feel that we don’t want to belong.

There are so many issues that affect the community and our mission is to be a part of its growth. The benefits of protecting our communities will be summarized as follows to be able to understand our role in keeping it safe from any strangers that may cause life or peace is at stake in the community. One, we all live in the community so we need to stand proud of it and be able to create peace and goodwill to everyone. It may help a lot if we could be friends to everyone. Two, be active in the peace keeping mission and educational volunteerism for the benefit of every citizen living in that place. Three, keep track of the environmental protection program in protecting our community from any natural hazards like typhoons and floods which will affect thousands of lives. In the event that these things may happen, we may need to become useful and refrain from being futile in these turbulent times. We need to act in certain crisis to prevent it from coming back.

In lieu to this fact, protecting our communities is also protecting and securing our lives because we belong in it. Such cases need a helping hand to produce a good evidence of voluntary action to be able to form a group that will seek to make good things for the intent of serving the community. Acting as agents of peace and goodwill, we also must be environmentalists to aim for good and environment friendly neighborhood. We can also place plans and efforts so as to support any government led organizations in facilitating the need for good place on nature. We can also become observers of any quasi-judicial courts to feed them with good governance and lead them in a more fruitful leadership with the community. It still depends on us on how we can be of help in protecting our communities in a very special way we can.

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