Lewin Day

Lewin Day

Contributing Writer

Lewin Day is a contributing writer tackling everything from breaking news after the offices empty out to sharing feature articles on wrenching, robotics, and the trials and tribulations of being a down-to-earth car enthusiast. He lives in Adelaide, Australia, surrounded by his many projects and the vehicles that bring him joy.


  • Expertise and interests include electronics, robotics, mechanical engineering, running, kayaking, and broadcasting
  • Enjoys taking adventures where getting there is as much a part of the narrative as the destination, and writing about the relationships we have with our cars
  • Previous work experience: Casting Engineer at a Major Automaker, Design Engineer for Agricultural Machinery @ Hardi, Marketing @ Hardi, Design Engineer @ Voxon Photonics, Staff Writer + Social Media @ Hackaday


Lewin burst on into the automotive world upon taking a graduate position with a major global automaker, working in a high-pressure role in a casting plant Down Under. Since then, he’s done everything from working on high-tech holographic displays to designing handrails and hydraulic mechanisms for gigantic agricultural machines.

In 2016, Lewin took his broad experience into the world of media. Starting as a regular contributor to Hackaday, his beat covers everything from homebrew hardware projects to the latest in the world of console hacking and speedrunning, too.

From 2021 to 2023, Lewin served as Night Editor at The Drive, pursuing the hottest stories after hours and sharing his own tales of wrenching glory and woe. His stories aim to explore the close personal connections we have with our vehicles, and the greater significance they come to play as major characters in the stories of our lives.


Lewin graduated from The University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical and Aerospace.

Words of Wisdom

There’s never been a problem that I haven’t been able to solve simply by explaining it to a few different people. Eventually the answers just fall out of the air around me, and life moves forward a few steps all at once.