Kyle Cheromcha

Kyle Cheromcha

Editor-in-Chief, The Drive

Kyle Cheromcha is Editor-in-Chief of The Drive, drawing on nearly 15 years of journalism experience across print, television and digital-first newsrooms to lead one of the largest automotive enthusiast media brands in the country. Overseeing an expert staff of over a dozen writers and editors from his lair in Los Angeles, he shapes The Drive’s singular approach to covering the automotive industry and car culture at large. He’s been with the site as a writer since 2017, taking over as editor in 2019.


  • He’s a lifelong car nut, and his mission is to channel that passion into building an outlet that elevates real journalism in automotive media, fights misinformation and puts the reader first. 
  • He’s a graduate of New York University, having worked everywhere from small-town daily newspapers to CNN.
  • He’s made Elon Musk mad on at least one occasion.


Kyle is a seasoned journalist, having spent the majority of his career as a primetime news producer at CNN on Anderson Cooper 360 and Erin Burnett OutFront. Through his time there, he watched as audiences grew more skeptical of media as legacy companies failed to meet the moment by understanding why people were pulling away and responding to their concerns. That’s why he decided to quit in 2017 and apply what he learned in a new space he cared deeply about: cars.

As a writer at The Drive, Kyle was responsible for some of its most ambitious, heartfelt, and consequential stories, from busting open an embezzlement scandal at a Porsche dealership that became international news to exploring how a famed motorcycle hangout spot survived a vicious California wildfire. As its editor-in-chief, he holds his team to the same high editorial standards and pushes them to tell the stories other sites can’t or won’t tell; to go the extra mile in reporting real, truthful news; and to treat the reader like a fellow human being on the other side of the screen.


Kyle holds two bachelor’s degrees in journalism and anthropology from NYU. He also went to drift school once and did some “pretty good” donuts, according to Formula D driver Justin Pawlak.

Fun Fact

Kyle owns a 1988 Chevy K5 Blazer that’s been in his wife’s family since new, and he’s been slowly restoring it since 2019. But it doesn’t seem to love him back, no matter how hard he tries.