Kristen Lee

Kristen Lee

Fmr. Deputy Editor

Kristen Lee is the former Deputy Editor at The Drive, overseeing the site’s car reviews and features initiatives in addition to writing her own. She’s been covering the automotive industry professionally since 2013 and left The Drive in January 2023.


  •  Expertise includes car culture, automotive industry news, interviews, video work, and photography
  • Attended drift school once  
  • Previous work experience: DuPont Registry, Road & Track, Jalopnik, Business Insider


Kristen brings nearly 10 years of experience to the digital automotive media space through blogging, video, and podcasting. Her expertise lies in writing car reviews and features, examining the automotive industry as a whole, and keeping her finger on the pulse of niche car culture.

Her work and photography have appeared in The Motoring Journal and she’s made appearances on Jay Leno’s Garage, Good Morning America, The Smoking Tire Podcast, Fusion’s Car vs. America, the Ask a Clean Person podcast, and Motor Trend OnDemand’s Shift Talkers. Kristen is also currently a host on NBCSN’s /DRIVE.


The University of Southern California, BA in English and Creative Writing

Fun Fact/Tip/Anecdote/Favorite Product

Kristen enjoys cooking, reading fiction, and watching big, dumb action movies. She is The Drive’s self-appointed Fast & Furious scholar, itself an accolade only because no one else wanted it.