I’m Driving a $4 Million Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport This Week. What Do You Want to Know About It?

It has $360,000 worth of options alone.

byKristen Lee|
Bugatti Chiron photo

Well, nearly $4 million dollars. According to the 2021 Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport's monroney, the review car I'll be checking out this week carries a price tag of $3,959,000—which certainly rounds to $4 million. It's more money than I'll likely ever see in my life so I'm heading into this drive fully expecting to have a transcendent experience worth several lifetimes. The bar has been set. What do you want to know about the car?

As a bit of a refresher, the Pur Sport is the "driver-oriented" version of the Bugatti Chiron, meaning that it's supposedly more engaging to drive. It has a giant (truly, so giant) rear wing to generate all of the downforce, a lightweight and titanium exhaust pipe, a minimalist interior, and magnesium wheels that come optionally with aero blades. Power from the 8.0-liter, quad-turbocharged W16 comes to a claimed 1,479 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet of torque.


Only 60 Chiron Pur Sports will be made, each with a starting MSRP of $3,599,000. However, the review car has been fitted with three options: an Italian Red exterior package ($80,000) an Italian Red interior package ($60,000), and something called the "Pur Sport split," which costs $220,000. In total, the options amount to $360,000 extra. I feel like I've been hit over the head as I type these numbers to you because they all seem like they're off by a decimal point. 

I'll be taking the car out on normal roads, not a track, so I likely will not be able to tell you about its top speed or how many lateral Gs it can pull in the corners. But if you've always wondered what visibility in a Chiron is like, or perhaps how it behaves in traffic, here's your chance!

And as a bit of a programming note, when we do these prompts from now on, we’ll be selecting five to 10 of the best questions posted in the comments to specifically answer in our final reviews of the car—or maybe in a separate post if we get enough good ones. Look for your answer there!

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