Hear F1 Drivers and Celebrities Attempt Their Best Race Car Noises

Neeeeeoooommmmm, vrooom vrooom, skiiiirrrttt.

byJerry Perez|
F1 photo
Jimmy Kimmel Live - YouTube

I love talking to racing drivers because they are super animated with their hands, always turning invisible steering wheels and whatnot. I also love the sounds they make. I once talked to Le Mans legend Tom Kristensen, and the noises he made of turbo spooling up and the rear tires spinning because the track was wet was simply comedy gold. As you can imagine, Formula 1 drivers aren't far off.

This funny skit by Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live at the recent Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix features several F1 drivers making their best impression of a Formula 1 car. Red Bull's Sergio Perez kicks off the hilarious game (1:05 mark), and then it's up to Ferrari's Charles Leclerc to do his thing. AlphaTauri's Yuki Tsunoda also gets a shot at this, but perhaps the best/funniest one is by Alpine's Esteban Ocon.

After the drivers, McLaren F1 boss Zak Brown gets a shot at making engine sounds, though he claims to love downshifts more than drivebys so he reenacts a series of downshifts during hard braking. They're pretty good!

This being Vegas, several celebrities are asked to do the same, of course. The results vary from cringe to hilarious, but overall it looks like Guillermo had a great time. Any time you combine comedy with F1, the results are bound to be pretty darn good.

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