Hank O'Hop

Hank O'Hop

Staff Writer

Hank is a Staff Writer at The Drive. He recently came to us as a freelancer with three years of industry-related experience and eventually earned his official title among our staff. As a self-taught gearhead, he spends the majority of his free time dissecting and playing with all things mechanical. He may be here to recommend tools and parts, but he's always happy to venture deep into the world of tech discussions and how-to guides, especially when it gives him the opportunity to display his beloved classic Dodge.


  • Self-proclaimed official knuckle-buster. No professional title as a mechanic, but has proudly done everything from building engines in the back of pickup trucks to working in the pits at local circle track events. 
  • No stranger to hard labor. Hank’s knowledge of what makes a tool or part good comes from his time spent turning wrenches in his free time and busting his hump to make ends meet.


Hank’s pride and joy is his 1969 Dodge Charger project car he pulled out of a field to eventually forge into his current daily driver. He’s done so without a garage for the most part, or much experience outside of DIY repairs. Along the way, he caught the attention of some veteran racers. They have taken him under their wings to teach them some of the finer points of the craft. They also make sure to give him plenty of “exercise” as a crew member at the circle track.


While he did attend college for journalism, Hank worked a full-time warehouse job to pay for his college experience. Eventually, the working life pulled him from it. He did work in customer service for two years, but the majority of his experience is in hard labor. He’s dug ditches, loaded trucks, and done all kinds of brutal, thankless jobs to get by while hammering his way to an official title as a writer.

Fun Fact

Hank would like to paint the picture that his life revolves around his Charger. However, he comes from a family of outdoorsmen. On several occasions, we’ve caught him spending his Sunday’s hiking and fishing in Pennsylvania’s great outdoors, though the Charger is typically the mode of transportation.