Chris Tsui

Chris Tsui

Reviews Editor

Chris Tsui is The Drive’s Reviews Editor. He oversees the site’s car reviews operation in addition to pitching in on industry news and writing his own evaluations of the latest rides. He lives in Toronto, was born in Hong Kong, but has his sights set on Los Angeles mostly because he plays way too much GTA V.


  • Areas of expertise include new car reviews, auto industry news, and making topics that might sound boring in another journalist’s hands … a lot less boring.
  • Interests include cars, video games, soup noodle-based foods, and putting on the same four ‘00s sitcoms on in the background as a way of feeling less lonely.
  • When he plays FIFA, he exclusively plays as the Canada women’s national team because he prefers the slower pace. And because the Canada men’s team sucks.


Chris started writing about cars as a freelancer right here at The Drive in 2017, specializing in new cars, industry news, and automobile-themed pieces of media. Since then, he has reviewed everything from Nissan Sentras to track-focused Lamborghinis to the latest Gran Turismo video game. Car reviews of his can also be found on AutoTrader Canada, and he serves as a juror on that publication’s annual awards.


Chris graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BMath (yes, that is a real thing) in 2016.

Fun Fact

Chris owns a 2004 Honda S2000 that doesn’t get driven nearly enough.