Caleb Jacobs

Caleb Jacobs

Truck Editor

Caleb Jacobs is The Drive’s truck editor. When he’s not searching for stories or poring over copy, he’s usually driving dump trucks or wishing they were running so he could drive them. He was born and raised in the Missouri Ozarks, and he lives there today with his family.


  • Expertise and interests include trucks, towing, and general storytelling—true ones and fiction.
  • Enjoys writing culture-focused stories with people as the focus.
  • Has been at The Drive since 2016.


Caleb started with The Drive right out of high school, joining as a freelance contributor. From there, he began his tenure as the site’s weekend editor before transitioning to a full-time role in 2020. He now serves as truck editor, helping select stories and polishing them until they shine for the internet to see and share. Whether it’s explaining what’s new in the world of work and play or spotlighting a resourceful DIY project, his goal is to talk about large vehicles in a smart and relatable way.


Caleb graduated from McDonald County High School in Anderson, Missouri, and he’s currently looking at options to further his journalism education.

Fun Fact

Even though he can’t play an instrument, Caleb co-wrote a country-folk record with his wife’s grandpa. They just burned the CDs!

Uh, what’s a Spotify?